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“There is more in us than we know if we could be made to see it; perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

― Kurt Hahn


RCTrainingWales is a leading exponent of using the natural environment in order to engage Primary and Secondary School pupils, particularly those who are categorised as disengaged.  We are recognised as being the experts in this field, being involved in providing groundbreaking programmes for many Primary and Secondary Schools primarily in Neath Port Talbot.


The results we are currently achieving have been described as spectacular, and the difference made to young lives sometimes humbling, but invariably positive. We have measured repeatable outcomes in increased  Enjoyment of lessons, Connection to nature, Social skills, Engagement with learning, Health, wellbeing and happiness, Behaviour, Attainment and Attendance


We use elements of the familiar Forest School methodology but in a new and innovative way that ensures educational and behavioural outcomes are embedded within our programmes. The simple methods we have discovered by many years of experience are repeatable by your school, particularly when used in early intervention strategies by Primary Schools.


We are working with a number of Primary Schools to prevent segregation of pupils who would otherwise could be labeled and separated as disengaged - we have entire year groups who are taking part in programmes as a whole, with indications that it will be a successful strategy.


In an atmosphere where the value of contact with the natural environment is  increasingly being realised - studies such as the Donaldson Report are certainly driving change in this direction but are teachers and other staff ready for this revolution? We can all feel this wind of change but are we prepared?


We can provide basic, intermediate and advanced programmes for teachers and others on our 25 acre site at Pontardawe. We can hold your hand through these changes to ensure that your school is both prepared and effective in introducing this inevitable transformation. Our aim is to help you reduce the costs of disengagement and contribute positively to the well-being of both pupils and staff.

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CPD Programmes - How to sucessfully embed engagement strategies using the Natural Environment into classrooms and be a better Teacher

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Case Studies from 2018

"Student A at 6 years of age was already categorised as disengaged - he would regularly break furniture in uncontrolled angry outbursts - following two week in our programmes at one day a week, he was much calmer and engaged in classwork"


"Student B at 7 years of age came to us described as a "runner" following just one day, with the prospect of regular attendance he has not attempted to abscond to date."


"A Secondary School reported a 2% increase in attendance following a 6 week trial."


"Another Secondary School reported Student C who was described to us as extremely disengaged and disinterested in classwork and life in general, following a programme became far more interested in school and set up his own business - his parents commented how different his attitude was following the programme."


"Teachers in a number of Primary Schools have described how they now look forwards to being in school and taking the programme content into the classroom - making lessons far more live and interesting both for them and pupils."



We have many such tales, and feel that the opportunity presented by natural environmental contact for pupils, Teachers and Schools can only increase everyone's well-being and engagement with the schooling system. We don't forget the Teachers here - in an atmosphere where more are leaving the profession than ever, this engagement also benefits them and increases their enjoyment of this critical vocation.


Happy to arrange an appointment on our site or yours to discuss this innovative Programme. Call 07787123739 and speak to Rob Clapham.

One Day Basic Taster Programme makes clear the programme basics and allowing practical experience within a natural environment. This will allow the teacher to understand basic methodologies with a view to compare current practice and plan underpinning structure for change £248 per participant. CPD Certificate supplied.


Two Day Intermediate Practitioner Programme includes the One Day Basic Taster

but with the opportunity to put into basic principles into practice in a real  outdoor learning environment. This programme has been described as very effective in embedding critical principles, allowing meaningful discussion and has the ability to put the teacher at the forefront of providing a meaningful education for pupils.

£352 per participant. CPD Certificate supplied.


Advanced Programme - this is for those who have attended the two day programme, and allows for advanced discussion and analysis of individual problems

£248 per participant. CPD Certificate supplied.

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