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SOMA - Wilderness Therapy

“There is more in us than we know if we could be made to see it; perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”
― Kurt Hahn

Soma is a specialised professional organisation with an uncomplicated mission in life - to facillitate young people's personal development using the uncomplicated tools of Nature. Exposing them to controlled experiences within a natural environment, allowing them to experiment with tools, wood, fire and water. The benefits of Wilderness Therapy are incontrovertible, and have their roots in the Teachings of Kurt Hahn, Ernest Thompson Seaton and Baden-Powell. Exposure to the natural Environment has a remarkable effect on us all, and young people in particular, allowing improved language skills, self-belief, confidence, communication indpendence, problem solving, social sills and and practical skills with accompanying improvement in coordination and dexterity. We believe that young people are trapped in an artificial world with pavements underfoot, fabricated sounds in their ears and unacheiveble imagery in their sight... many are unable to adapt or comprehend what they want out of life, or what life wants from them - accumulated despondency and frustration leads to crime, truancy drugs and worse...

.....Send them to us.
What we do is perhaps characterised more by what we don't do.... you will not see a range of regimented training courses or an impressive list of customers... We provide a very simple confidential service that does one thing very well. We will facilitate young peoples' growth ... either personally or with exposure to nature, to the simple pleasures of life, sitting around a fire sparked alight and fueled by wood wrest from the forest by your their own hands. Sitting on a chair fashioned by their efforts, leaning against a wattle fence manufactured by themselves and the others warming their hands within the circle of trust. The smell of bread toasting, the tang of woodsmoke and laughter. .... A world as far from the troubles and vices of modern times as the wind-torn peak of Everest.

....Send them to us...
We will take your young people into our programme and through a constant formative process, we will support their holistic development, building self-confidence, self-esteem, independence and learning in a natural outdoor environment We will steer their progress to foster and encourage cognitive self-development and trust. Each programme is moulded around the participants ...which is why all courses are different.... we do not force your most valuable resource to conform to our concepts ... we facilitate their development by allowing them to lead.
Don't look for a list of courses ... there aren't any.... each is the same, yet all are incredibly different because young people are never the same, each group is diverse in thought, word and deed.... each have needs that must be individually met and tailored accordingly.
Certainly the principle that we are crew, not passengers strongly pervades all levels.
Course costs are also simple ... £100 per day per candidate. 5 - 8 candidates as an average to run an event.
We will also train your staff and support them to run their own sessions at our 25 acre site.
If you need something specific to you... we can do just that... Just click here to contact us.

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1 Bryncelyn, Pontardawe, Swansea SA8 4LG

Tel. 07787 123 739

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